Saturn in Scorpio- A New Suit Can Either Make or Break a Man

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Pluto in rotation. Gif-animation

Pluto in rotation. Gif-animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scorpio Glass

Scorpio Glass (Photo credit: marusin)

I have been wondering a lot lately about the upcoming Saturn in Scorpio Transit,  most people seem to look at this upcoming event with some trepidation as it has a Saturn/Pluto theme built into it,  after all Scorpio does rule Pluto,  or is it vice-versa ?   Anyway , I don”t really see it like this.  I see this as Saturn building his repertoire, a wardrobe change as it were,  and you have to feel a little sorry for him too because he has to wait two and a half years before he can change his shirt. I am A Capricorn and am not really daunted about trying on a new shirt, I mean what is the significance of a Saturn/Venus , Saturn/Pluto colour, maybe a little leopard print, they both have pitfalls and advantages, and please do not underestimate the primordial power of Venus. Venus is a velvet glove, ( A very tasteful velvet glove with embroidered pearls on the side), but inside is a big fat steel fist. My point being that the Saturn/Venus combination is no picnic either. Anyway a new suit can either make or break a man.

   Zipporah Dobyns in her book, The Book of Saturn talks about some of the Pitfalls we may encounter. Pluto and Saturn is another combination of desires with a major issue involving power. Pluto symbolizes a part of life where we need to learn to share power and pleasure with close lasting peer relationships (That does not sound so bad, especially the pleasure part).  As usual, it is possible to express these principles in  either of two opposite extremes which are both destructive. Those who have not learned to share power with peers or with the world will seek total control. (In S & M terms these are the people who repeatedly forget the “Safe Word”).  The opposite extreme produces dependent and helpless people who feel they have virtually no personal power. ( In S & M terms these are the people who could care a less if someone forgets the “Safe Word”).  The obvious solution calls for sharing the power and responsibility along with the pleasures and possessions which are part of the Pluto side of life . As with all major growth challenges, this is easy to say, but not easy to do.

  I refer to the S & M terms because it represents the type of sex that is characterized by Saturn being in Scorpio or Saturn transiting the eighth house, but that is not all.   It is a metaphor for Saturn in Scorpio and the extremes of behavior resultant.  Scorpions are capable of doing the most good and of being the most evil.  It is a continuum that Scorpions live with daily, which truly separates them from us.  This is the blessing and the curse of  Saturn being in Scorpio.  Saturn deals with reality, not your reality, because you are probably pretty good at dealing with that at this point, but everyone else’s  reality, everyone else’s diverse , foreign behavior, that is where most people have trouble.

  It is the dysfunction of not accepting reality that gets you into trouble with Saturn in the first place.  It is what gets you into trouble in life in general , your ability to accept reality is a reflection of your general mental health,  we do not need astrology to tell us this.


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