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Terrence Malick’s – The Tree of Life

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Looking for a film that seems to challenge the status quo and is considered to be pioneering by some, using a wide orb, ( although not that wide, Pluto and Uranus were one degree away from exact square, when it was released in July of 2011)  is Terrence Malick‘s- The Tree of Life.   This film or kinda non-film as it were, ” envisions the origin of the universe and ponders some of life’s deepest questions”  all set to  the backdrop of a small town family in Texas in the 1950’s.  I say non-film, because Mr. Malick seems to avoid linear storytelling, using a pallet of film montages, sometimes seemingly unrelated to tell his story; and any meaning we take away from the film is based on our own projections of what went on , he gives us enough space to come to our own conclusions.  Non linear storytelling in film is nothing new, Quentin Tarantino does this in most of his films,  but in Mr Malick’s case the images are curious ; you have to wait until the end of the movie to apply any meaning to them, much like Stanley Kubrick’s monolith in ,”2001 ”  To say that this film is polarizing is an understatement.  Most critics really seem to like this film.  The Guardian called it, “this decades Christian artwork”, (It deals with God you know).   Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times said it has the ” bold vision of Kubrick ‘s  2001: A Space Odyssey“, ( a film interesting enough created and  made during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in 1966;  and if  any film is worthy of the Uranus/Pluto award it would be this one).  On a side note I would like to say, when Woody Allen first saw, “2001” , he said “I was very disappointed and didn’t like it” , it wasn’t until his third viewing that he thought ” Gee, this artist is way ahead of me”.  Most Uranus/Pluto artistic  enterprises take a while to gestate, apparently even for Woody Allen.  A.O.Scott of the New York Times said, “Mr Malick belongs in the visionary company of homegrown romantics like Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Hart Crane and James Agee”.   Looking at the reviews of the average Joe, is a little more bleak .  Here are some reader’s review”s from the New York Times, ” This film is existentialism for dummies” : “actually calling it a film is kind” ; “For anyone looking for a little reality to balance out Mr. Scott’s review, I’ll try to help: one-dimensional characters; family psych 101 (I’m talking Freud, here); space/geophysical imagery straight from NOVA; CGI dinosaurs!!!; cloying and shallow treatment of religion; absurd surrealistic interludes; kindergarten existentialism; threadbare gender stereotypes; and a fantastic end-of-days shoreline reunion”. Gestate people, gestate.


Uranus, Pluto, Art, Cinema and the Conjunction of 1966 – Part 1

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English: Own work made in the style of Andy Warhol

English: Own work made in the style of Andy Warhol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Looking at the present influence  of the Uranus, Pluto square , ( arguably the most dynamic astrological influence we will experience in our lifetime),  I was wondering how it will affect our culture and art,  but in particular film.  Leta Waterfall in her CosmicSense Blog referring to the current square tells us, ” These extremely powerful, universal energy transmitters express personally/collectively/globally & affect our whole galaxy and beyond as new archetypes challenge the established order here.”  It seems to me that this would be a very fertile time to be an artist and create.  Archetypes are prototypes of thought and feeling in relation to our life on this planet as we experience it.   It is a thought image etc.,  universally present in individual psyches.  Jung called them ” inherited thought patterns”.  Andy Warhol  made his name by highlighting archetypes of popular culture with his Campbell Soup can and Marilyn images.  This to me is what art is, it is the expression of,  the playing with,  the reinvention of what a particular archetype has come to mean to us. Sometimes it is the reinvention of what we have come to accept as art.  It is interesting that Andy Warhol was at the height of his artistic career during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in 1966.  This was also the year he painted Marilyn and Imitation of Christ,  two of the most iconic of archetypes.  During this period Pop Art and the underground art scene and cinema scene were at their apex.  After the attempted assassination of Warhol  all of this started to unravel,  which was in 1968.


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