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Uranus Square Pluto and the Methylation Process

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2012 at 10:38 pm

I was recently reminded of the Uranus-Pluto influence, after a recent routine blood test, well seemingly routine.  Anyway  my doctor called me back, to go over the lab results with me and everything seemed to be going fine and then he dropped the axe,  ” Ohh , and by the way you are not Methylating properly.”  ” Ohh really, exuse me?”  Well, that did not seem good, as a matter of fact, it borderline scared me. If I just knew what the hell it meant.  I do not profess to talking about yourself on your own blog.  I can save that for some anonymous site, where i can say inane things after a couple glasses of Merlot . But, I am no hillbilly, really.  I even have some education. I even have education in a medical field. But I had no idea what,  “poor methylation ” meant.  This computer program does not know what it is, It recognizes, ” Methylation”  as a non-word and underlines it in red every time I type it.  But I bet in ten years it will not be a non word. I bet it will be a really common word.  (To be fair it is actually a common word in science.)

After a clumsy explanation by my doctor and doing some research on my own, I can now say, I understand  what methylation is.  Technically it is the addition of a methyl group to an atom, and our bodies do this millions of time a minute.  How our bodies utilize vitamins and take in oxygen relates to methylation. In short if you are not methylating well,  you are not using your body efficiently. This is not uncommon, most Americans are under methylated.  Anyway after adding a couple of vitamins to my daily routine, I now have an improved methylation status.

Beth Turnage writes in her blog “Astrology Explored,”  that the use of LSD in the sixties, changed society; well yeah!   LSD is certainly a common word now, at least it is in this  household, (just kidding) but you get the point. That is what Uranus-Pluto is about revolution, changing things, intensely changing things in unusual ways.  As with all Uranus-Pluto concepts there is polarization,  half the people at work think I am crazy talking about my methylation.  The other half thinks I am a nutritional God.

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