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Neptune Changing Signs, A Change of Perspective, A Change of Projection

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Neptune is on the verge of changing signs.  Neptune which is presently in Aquarius, a fixed air sign is about to enter Pisces, a mutable water sign.  Neptune has been in Aquarius since January 29, 1998,  it will move into Pisces on April 4, 2011 and will remain there for thirteen years except for a retreat back into Aquarius from August 5, 2011 through February 3, 2012.  Neptune moving into Pisces is moving into its sign of rulership,  it is said to be at home here.  Neptune was last in Pisces 165 years ago .

Uranus which is considered the higher octave of Mercury relates to how we think within the world.  Neptune relates  to how we view the world, our feelings and perceptions about the things we see around us, what we dream, our inspirations.   Neptune has to do with what we project onto the world.

Projection in the Freudian sense is a psychological defense system whereby one ” projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires and motivations onto someone else.  “The Shadow” ,  a term used in Jungian psychology refers to projected material. Jungians consider that  “Political agitation in all countries is full of such projections, just as much as the backyard gossip of little groups and individuals . The Swiss Jungian psychologist  Marie-Louise von Franz felt that wherever known reality stops, ” we project an archetypal image”  In other words we start creating our own reality.

So what kind of reality have we been spinning since Neptune has been in Aquarius.  You need to look at the qualities’ of Aquarius to ascertain the dreams we have been dreaming.  The two key words would be fixed  and  air .   Fixed  has to do with something that is attached , non movable , rigid.   Air  relates to something  you can”t  touch,  empty space,  nothingness.  Seems like an odd mixture. Aquarians at their  best are humanitarians, intellectual, original,  inventive,  honest and loyal,  at their worst they are intractable,  unemotional , detached,  perverse and unpredictable.  Aquarian energy at it’s worst can be quite egocentric.

Aquarius is the sign of the common people, for good or ill.  If everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame,  then Neptune in Aquarius was the peak of this, at least I hope so.  If one person gets a voice then every person gets a voice,  if they deserve to or not, including Snookie.   Rush Limbaugh who has had a huge influence on the national psyche in the last decade,  is a really good example of the darker side of the Aquarius in Neptune energy projecting its negative archetypal images onto the  political arena.

What is the archetype of Neptune in the mutable, water sign of  Pisces.  Again Neptune is most at home here, and that is probably a good thing.  Pisces is all about being imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and kind,  selfless, intuitive and sympathetic.  Anyway our projections should be less severe, we will project with a little more humanity  hopefully.

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