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Saturn and Pluto and Apes in the Congo

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A primatologist was studying a group of apes who lived in the Congo near a campground.  He visited the apes annually.  They were a hostile and unhappy group of apes.  It was a society characterized by male control and dominance.  Females were used for child bearing purposes only.  Extra community  males who came into the society were either killed or sent back into the wild to die.  It was a society based on tactics of fear and intimidation. During a potent Saturn-Pluto transit the apes snuck into the nearby campground and scavenged a considerable amount of  tainted meat.  The primatologist visited a year later and what he found surprised him.  Although many of the apes had perished, the more peaceable and loving apes had seemed to survive , whereas the more aggressive and hostile apes had died off.  ” Make love not war”, seemed to be the motto of this new society of apes. If an outside ape wandered in  from another tribe he was welcomed. There was a lack of aggression shown towards individuals or groups.  Female power-sharing was common place. Diverse sexual behavior was encouraged and nurtured. This was a more  happy and loving group of apes.  This story is based on fact and fable.

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