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Saturn Opposition Uranus -Libertarian Gridlock

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Today Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the nations toughest immigration law, making illegal immigration a stat crime and requiring police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect they are in the U.S. illegally (Wall Street Journal.)  Also religious censorship hit the cartoon South Park this week, bleeping the “M” word in a skit with Muhammad dressed in a bear suit. It was selective censorship as the antics of  Jesus and Buddha went unscathed.  South Park claimed they were afraid for the lives of their employees.  Free Speech squelched at the point of a gun. Interestingly this occurred as Saturn is two days away from being exactly opposite Uranus.  This is certainly the ugly side of this astrological combination.  Saturn representing government structures and outmoded traditions infringing upon Uranus and  the rights and liberties of others.


The Upcoming T-Square: Fact or Fiction?

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At dinner with a friend recently, he reminded me, “All religions have their apocalyptic theories.”  Popular astrology is really no different.  Christians have Armageddon, the Mayans have 2012, and Western astrology has the T-Square of July 2010.  If you look back on the dour predictions of the ongoing Saturn-Pluto square, you can see that the world has not come to an end as of yet (although I am sure if you lived in Haiti it was no picnic).  To be fair to astrology, those who took their funds out of the market before the first Saturn-Pluto square saved a substantial amount of money.  However, as the transit is still active, the Dow has just reached 11,000.  Being conservative, I am waiting until the last pass of the Saturn-Pluto square in August before entering the Market.  Or is it the Saturn-Uranus opposition that is really the culprit – who the hell knows?  Look ahead to the upcoming T-Square (coming to your theater in July) and you see the same pessimism building.  Let’s face it:  predictive astrology presently is sketchy at best.

Astrologers have been writing about the infamous T-Square for years.  Bill Street warned us about this T-Square close to a decade ago in his essay “An Alignment for Our Times.”  Bill states, “The beginning of the next decade has received much attention by futurists, metaphysicians, and historians of ancient civilizations.  This brief but important period of time is considered by many to signal either a leap of human evolution, an exponential increase in creativity, or a time of dramatic societal change.”  Okay, the Tea Party has formed and the Healthcare Bill passed.  Is this just the first act, or are we like a frog in boiling water, not realizing that he is boiling to death until he has been boiled to death?  Speaking of Bill Street, where is this man when we need him?  He seems to have left the planet.  Maybe he knows something that we don’t, or maybe it was a PR move.  Anyway, given the nature of the planets involved in the T-Square, I am sure there will be much activity.  We will talk about that later.

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