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Venus Opposes Saturn

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Venus in Aries will oppose Saturn in Libra exactly on 3/9/10.  This marks the culmination of the Venus-Saturn cycle that began on 10/13/09, when the two planets were in conjunction.  The next conjunction will occur on 8/8/10.  Conjunctions represent beginnings.

Oppositions occur at the midpoint of the cycle, and offer the potential for objectivity.  Oppositions ask that you negotiate and find a balance between two extremes.  Venus in Aries is spontaneous, feisty, and focused on self, while Saturn in Libra is more sober and other-focused.  These extremes exist in us all.  The issue may be balancing the need for alone time versus interacting with others.  Or it could be that partnership is enhanced by pursuing individual wants.  The growth of each individual would contribute to growth in the relationship.


Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

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Mercury will conjunct Jupiter exactly on 3/7/10, at 11 degrees Pisces.  Mercury and Jupiter are in some ways polar opposites.  Mercury rules Gemini, which opposes Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on the zodiacal wheel.  Gemini is captivated by details; Sagittarius seeks the bigger picture.  Gemini writes and Sagittarius publishes.  Learning is a function of Gemini, while for Sagittarius it is teaching.

This conjunction may mark a time when it is possible to resolve conflicting ideas and philosophies long at odds in your life.  Opposites unite in the world of paradox, where meaning exists in layers and all truth is relative.  In the world of duality, opposites make whole.

Mercury-Jupiter can facilitate the process of consciously zooming in and out in your perspective, so you can get both close-up and wide-angle views of your life experience.  Seeing both at once opens a portal to the holographic universe.  Microcosm is reflected in macrocosm and vice versa.  Hermes Trismegistus encapsulates this in his words “As above, so below.”  They are one and the same.

Venus Conjunct Uranus

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Venus is making an exact conjunction to Uranus at 25 degrees Pisces.  The harmonizing principle unites with the force of lightning.  This may bring out revolutionary energies in relationships and art forms.  Things brewing under the surface may come out now.

Long-standing relationships may encounter bumps or disruptions if partners are unwilling to be flexible.  Those that survive this time will come out stronger.  When handled constructively, obstacles can provide you with a moment to pause and gather strength.  Relationships begun at this time may sparkle and fizzle out.  Venus/Uranus may be passionate, but it does not especially promote longevity in relationships.  This effect is lessened if you have many Uranian elements in your natal chart.

Venus-Uranus favors the eccentric, the avant-garde, the innovative.  Modern and experimental art may be especially inspiring now, whether you create it or appreciate it.  This is a good time to break out of your ruts.  Take an art class.  Go see a play.

Venus moves quickly.  She will enter Aries on March 7.

Mercury In Pisces

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Mercury entered Pisces on March 1.  It is one of five planets currently in Pisces.  The others are Jupiter, Sun, Venus, and Uranus.  Mercury in Pisces tends to think in images.  Words and thoughts may be inclined towards a poetic or dreamy quality.  Don’t be surprised if you feel confused, fuzzy, or out-of-sorts.  Mercury will enter Aries on March 17.

You can think of Mercury in Pisces as the dream lab of the mind, the creator of illusions.  Can you believe what you see?  Mercury in Pisces is more at ease behind a mask or working behind the scenes.  Pisces rules film, movies, which are projections onto a silver screen of actors playing roles.  Now may be a great time to watch movies.  Pisces also rules cosmic consciousness and the collective unconscious.  Each person’s thoughts and feelings are a drop in the ocean of consciousness.

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