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Moon Conjunct the South Node

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The Moon is within 5 degrees of approaching the South Node.  The South Node is associated with the past.  The Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which tends towards nostalgia, a strong feeling for things which are no more.  This is a triple whammy of lunar energy.

A full moon is gloriously bright and yet can cast strong shadows.  Astrologer Judith Hill describes the South Node as “where forms and energy are going out.”  The South Node is the Dragon’s Tail, Cauda, “where you dig your own hole and fall in,” or as formerly referred to, “the point of self-undoing.”  It can also be your natural gifts, what you came into the world with, or instinctual compulsions.


Moon In Cancer

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The moon is in the sensitive water sign of Cancer from February 23-25.  It is important to nurture yourself.  This is especially true for caregivers.  You must be able to help yourself before you can truly help others.  There are many ways to nurture yourself:  eating healthy foods, taking time for yourself, beautifying your home or kitchen.

Cancer rules the stomach, which breaks down solid food, liquefies it, and prepares it for assimilation into the body.  Emotions may go through a similar breakdown process, allowing for incorporation of healthy emotions and elimination of toxic ones.  Pay attention to your gut feelings.

Cancer also rules the home – whatever that might be for you.  The crab carries its home wherever it goes, as does the snail.  Home is where you feel comfortable and welcomed; you feel you belong there.  It could also be your power spot, where you recharge your batteries.

Juno in Taurus

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Juno will enter Taurus on February 23.  The fiery and passionate spirit of Aries transforms into a stabilizing sense of values within relationships.  This would include spousal relationships, work colleagues, and business relationships.  Venus-ruled Taurus likes creature comforts and creating pleasant environments.  In medical astrology, Taurus rules the neck region, so take care not to let relationship problems translate into a pain in the neck – literally and metaphorically.  If something offends your ethical or aesthetic sense, you can use your voice.  This relieves tension build-up in the throat by increasing flow to that area.  Now is also a good time to consider what you value most in your relationships with others.

In the natural zodiac, Taurus rules the second house of values and how you earn a living.  It would make sense to pay attention to your relationships with colleagues, bosses, employees, or clients.  Are you giving appropriately of your time and energy?  As a fixed sign, Taurus promotes stability based on loyalty to your inner values.  Taurus energy is considered feminine, or receptive, so listen well.  Be open to your internal promptings.  Consider what others are saying.

Juno will enter Gemini on April 17th, when communications will be emphasized.

Chiron Giving Birth to Himself

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Neptune is the Great Womb.  Chiron reaches exact conjunction with Neptune on 2/17/10 at 12:00 AM.  Witness the birthing process.  Survival instincts come to the fore.  During the final stages of gestation, there arises greater pressure, a sense of needing to get out, yet to where?  There seems to be an obstructive force.  Time and nature have their own logic, over which we have virtually no control.

Survival is enhanced by giving up the tyrannical way of being.  By providing service, beauty/inspiration, or anything that, if it doesn’t help humanity, then at least it doesn’t hurt humanity.  Earning one’s keep, keeping priorities in action, somehow leaving the world a better place through having lived, or at least honestly tried; all these things ensure survival.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

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Venus is conjunct Jupiter in the spiritual sign of Pisces.  The ancients considered Venus and Jupiter to have a beneficial nature, and called them the Lesser Benefic and the Greater Benefic, respectively.  Venus brings beauty and love of a personal nature, while Jupiter bestows optimism and compassion, or spiritual love.  Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter ruled Pisces.  Some astrologers still consider Jupiter and Neptune to be c0-rulers of Pisces.  Jupiter’s strength in his own sign, combined with Venus’ exaltation in Pisces, produces a potentially powerful, positive aspect.

Venus In Pisces

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Venus entered Pisces on February 11.  The ancients considered Venus to be exalted in Pisces, producing a compassionate, pure love.  Pisces does not care for the mundane aspects of life, but prefers to see things in a rarified light.  Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the end of a cycle.  Venus will remain in Pisces until March 7, when a new cycle of relating can begin.

Mars Quindecile the North Node

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Mars at 5 degrees Leo is forming a 165-degree aspect with the North Node.  Ricki Reeves, in her book entitled The Quindecile, describes this as an aspect of obsession, insistence, and passion.  As Mars is retrograde until March 10, its action can be expressed in an eccentric or atypical fashion.  There may be an obsession about whether to do something or not.

The North Node is at 20 degrees Capricorn, suggesting a constructive and practical approach.  Mars in Leo’s feisty, hearty, and at times impulsive action is tempered by the North Node in an earth sign ruled by Saturn.  Saturn is the part of us that is wise, methodical, or authoritative.  Saturn recognizes the amount of work and discipline involved in pursuing whatever matters to us.

This Mars-Saturn combo can result in an internal struggle revolving around whether to act or remain passive in our approach to life.  Sometimes less is more; sometimes less is simply less.  Mars’ retrograde movement may mitigate the intensity of the struggle.  It is also possible that the struggles are related to actions taken or not taken in the past, resurfacing again.  Now we have a chance to make amends with that past.  We can learn from it, and let it inform and guide us in the present.

Jupiter in Pisces Gracefully Walking Through the Houses

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As we have previously written, Jupiter is presently in Pisces.  The astrologer Dusty Bunker tells us that Pisces is the “dustpan of the zodiac” because all of the other signs are swept into it before rebirthing into Aries.  This house has to be cleaned up before there is any foundation to be built upon.  In other words, you have to clean up your garbage while Jupiter is in Pisces before you can truly go out and play when Jupiter enters Aries.  You’re setting up your karmic notes for the next twelve years.  Carl Jung states that “The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.”  Pretensions, no matter how cleverly calculated, will never hold up to what has meaning or truth. This is one of the messages of Jupiter in Pisces. There is something to be said of the man who lives a moral life, loving his brother as he loves himself.  This is the man who peacefully falls asleep.  This is the man who gracefully walks down the road of life no matter what terrain he finds himself on.

Chiron Conjunct Neptune IV

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Chiron conjunct Neptune can correlate with a loosening of ego boundaries, which can manifest as difficulty in knowing where you end and another person begins.  When another reflects your inner world, you might assume a lot about that person.  Maybe he has the same tastes as you.  You might be obsessed with whether the other person feels the same way as you.  There can be difficulty in setting limits.

On the other hand, Chiron conjunct Neptune can signal healing by prophecy, the divinatory arts, or the opening of the 6th chakra – the third eye.  It is healing on the emotional and spiritual dimensions, rather than the physical, although physical means can be used to achieve the healing.

The possible meltdown between self and other exists for seeing through the eyes of others.  Once you see it, then it’s time to go back to your own perspective.  Otherwise your life is no longer your own.  Haunted by ghosts from the past, social misadventures, and time bombs waiting to explode, you lose the connection with your center, through which all creativity flows.  You would no longer be the center of your universe.  You might blame the messenger for news you’re not yet ready to hear.  The message may represent a wake-up call, when the urge is to continue dreaming.

Imagine a ball of wax – dull, formed from unused fragments collected over time.  A meltdown gives the wax a chance to become internally uniform and assume a new shape and purpose.  This is what happens to the psyche during a mind-meld.

Chiron Conjunct Neptune III

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There are many reasons for hiding one’s feelings.  Sometimes, it’s out of respect for another.  At times, you need to get to a more secure position before you can express your true feelings.  Hiding is not necessarily a bad thing.  Animals hide from predators.  People hide because they need to or as a result of habit.  There comes a point when the cost of hiding outweighs the benefit of self-expression.  The true self emerges when it is ready.  Until then, what is required is a conscious strengthening of ego.  The resulting personality structure supports and contains the true self.

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