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Jupiter in Pisces

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Jupiter entered Pisces on January 17, 2010.  When Jupiter enters Pisces, growth occurs where our humanity, compassion or our altruism lie.  It’s interesting to note that Jupiter entered Pisces five days after the Haitian earthquake.  A record number of donations and humanitarian aid was given.  The American Red Cross set a record for mobile donations, raising $7 million in twenty-four hours (notice Uranus is also in Pisces).  Jupiter usually spends one year in a given sign, but due to the lack of retrograde activity the first half of the year, Jupiter will enter Aries on June 6, 2010.  Jupiter will re-enter Pisces on September 9, 2010.  Jupiter creates real growth or it creates fat on the bone.  Look to the house that Pisces rules to see where progress or growth can occur.  Jupiter is very comfortable in Pisces, as before 1846 Jupiter was thought to be the ruler of Pisces.  Because of this, some astrologers look to the house that Sagittarius rules to see where growth is possible.


More on the T-Square

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Bill Street, in his article “An Alignment for Our Times,” states the coming T-square “… is considered by many to signal either a leap of human evolution, an exponential increase in creativity, or a time of dramatic societal change.”  He goes on to talk about the possibility of socio-economic and political destabilization.  Maybe it will be both.

Looking back to the T-square that formed between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in 1930-31, we can see some of the more dour possibilities of this T-square:  the Great Depression, the emergence of the Third Reich in Germany.  The beginning of the 1930’s started the period known as the “Dirty Thirties,” referring to the dust storms that ravaged the American prairie lands for much of the decade.  You can make your own references to the present time we live in.  We certainly have a lot on our plate.  But is that all there is?

Here is a list of some of the phenomena that happened during the T-square of 1930-31:

Mickey Mouse makes his first comic strip appearance.

The first radiosonde is launched in Russia (radiosondes are used in weather balloons to help us measure things like temperature, humidity and pressure).

The Chrysler Building is completed.

Mahatma Gandhi takes on the British Army.

John Dillinger escapes prison using a wooden gun.

Clyde Tombaugh confirms the existence of Pluto.

Elm Farm Ollie (“Sky Queen”) became the first cow to fly in an airplane, producing 24 quarts of milk while in flight.

City Lights by Charlie Chaplin is released.

Bette Davis, Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich enter motion pictures.

The Empire State Building is completed.

Most popular songs:  “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, “Happy Days Are Here Again”

The cyclotron is invented (used to accelerate particles in nuclear physics).

The comic strip detective Dick Tracy makes his debut.

Betty Boop makes her first screen appearance.

Gay activist Harvey Milk is born.

Dashiell Hammett writes The Maltese Falcon.

The first airline stewardess flies.

Twinkies and Scotch Tape hit the market.

The T-Square of 2010-2011

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A powerful aspect known as a T-square occurs with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in 2010.  The time of this occurrence would be the midpoint between Saturn in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn in late January, and Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Pisces in late April 2010.  Although this configuration will wax and wane throughout the year, its presence will be felt a year after and a year before the contacts occur.  The last time this configuration happened was in 1930-1931.

A T-square occurs when two planets are opposing one another and a third is perpendicular to both.  The planets in opposition are being squared by the third planet.  In astrology a T-square is often viewed as a difficult aspect, yet is often found in the charts of extremely successful and ambitious people.  This aspect indicates a need to overcome many obstacles; however, it gives you the drive to do so.  When the energy of this aspect is handled in a mature manner, much can be accomplished.  Two of the planets, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, occupy cardinal signs, and the third planet, Uranus, is in the mutable sign of Pisces.  The T-square will appear more cardinal in nature, with a mitigating mutable influence.

Sun in Aquarius

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The Sun entered Aquarius on 1/19/10, and will reach the next sign, Pisces, on 2/18/10.  Venus entered Aquarius one day before the Sun and will have reached Pisces one week earlier.  Venus will keep accelerating ahead of the Sun, until her retrograde period from 10/8/10 – 11/18/10, which backtracks from mid-Scorpio to late Libra.

The Sun and Moon are the only Planets that don’t go retrograde.  The Sun represents your individuality – your present and evolving self.  This would suggest that your individuality always moves forward.  Once something happens, it can’t not happen.  Once you put something out to the universe, you can’t take it back.  You could neutralize it.  But once it’s out, it’s out, as with Pandora’s Box.

The energy of Aquarius, Uranus, and the 11th House is a high-frequency wavelength.  Left unchecked, it could lead to nervous exhaustion or teenage rebellion.  Use it well, and it can spark sudden insights, inventions, and discoveries.  Aquarius is genius and madness, social equality, venturing beyond the known.

Observe the connections between seemingly random events and your reactions to them.  Our reactions are often based on our projections or judgments of what happened.  What can you learn about yourself and the person you are becoming?  These events can expose you to deeper levels of self, layer by layer, ever closer to your core.

Happiness is in being.

Neptune, Take Me Away!

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Neptune as a treatment for Chiron in Aquarius wounds can serve to dissolve destructive habits, fixed patterns of emotion and thought that lead to constriction and feeling out of touch with life.  It can sometimes manifest as a sense of inner discontentment, despite apparent success.  You meet your goals and even manifest your dreams, yet still you feel unfulfilled, bored, let down – a denouement without a climax.  Surely, there must be more to life than this.  Neptune can facilitate the emotional connectedness that gives energy and meaning to the process of healing these wounds.

Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House relate to the unseen world, the interpenetrating emotional networks, the ethereal spiritual realms.  These can be experienced spontaneously, via trauma, or the ingestion of a substance.  According to The Magi Society, Neptune rules computers and electrical devices, as well as longevity.  Neptune’s energy diffuses, and is seen at work in the spread of fashion, religion, politics and the quest for eternal youth.

Examples of Neptune therapy include music, movies, meditation, sleep, dream work, fantasy-making.  These can help you diffuse tension and palliate pain.  They can transport you into another realm.  You could come back refreshed and infused with healing energy.

Venus in Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter in Pisces

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Jupiter and Venus are now 30 degrees apart, both having switched signs in the last two days.  Jupiter entered Pisces on 1/17/10 and Venus moved into Aquarius on 1/18/10.  Since Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun is twelve years in length, it spends about one year in each sign, making this a noteworthy transition.  Venus transits the zodiac roughly once a year, as it travels no more than 45 degrees away from the Sun.  The semi-sextile (30-degree) aspect can serve to enhance, as well as complement the planets’ energies.  For example, Pisces is a feminine sign, whereas Aquarius is masculine.  This is typical of the all the signs in the zodiacal wheel, which alternate from masculine to feminine to masculine, etc.

Before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, Pisces was thought to be ruled by Jupiter, and in this sign, it is still at home.  Jupiter is known for his benevolence, generosity, and high spirits, which integrate well with Pisces’ caring for the needy, ill, and abused.  Astrologer Isabel Hickey says with Pisces, it’s “serve or suffer.”  Maybe Jupiter in Pisces can help us expand our capacity for compassion.  The shadow side of this idealistic vision would be the regressive urge to escape into a world of fantasy and dreams, thereby shirking responsibilities and fleeing from life.  As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the ending of a cycle, preparing the ground for a new round of activity and experience.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Venus was born of the sea foam around Uranus’ genitals after they were flung into the ocean by Saturn, his castrating son.  In astrology, Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius.  It’s as if Venus were traveling through her father’s sign.  Aquarius can see the future at times more clearly than the present.  The presence of Venus here can help catapult you into novel arrangements, avante-garde art forms, and the quirky side of life.  Venus is concerned with values, as well as pleasure, and its shift from the Earth sign Capricorn into an Air sign can correspond to a shift from material to intellectual needs.

The Solar Eclipse In Capricorn

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A powerful solar eclipse occurs January 15, 2010 at 2:07 A.M. EST.  A solar eclipse always takes place on a New Moon.  It happens when the Moon is traveling between the Earth and the Sun, so that from Earth’s perspective, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction.  Also during the eclipse, the New Moon must come into contact with one of the Moon’s Nodes.  This eclipse has a North Node contact.

One of the reasons that this eclipse will be particularly significant relates to the length of time of the eclipse.  It will be the longest eclipse of the millennium, lasting ten minutes and thirty seconds when at its fullest; however the entire eclipse lasts four hours and fifteen minutes.  Astrologically speaking, this means that the effects of the eclipse could last over four years.  This eclipse falls at twenty-five degrees and one minute of Capricorn.  As if astrology were not complicated enough, any planet through progression or transit that hits the active degree of the eclipse one year prior to and three to four years after the eclipse will have an impact and can create events.

Expanding the orb of influence of the eclipse, this eclipse conjuncts the North Node at twenty-two degrees of Capricorn.  This is a cardinal point and considered very potent.  Since this is a North Node contact, this eclipse will be very proactive, setting the Capricorn theme of the eclipse into motion. Unlike some of the previous eclipses we have experienced, this eclipse has no significant afflictions.  The Sun and Moon are sandwiched between the North Node and a closely conjuncted Venus, resulting in a somewhat emasculated Sun.  The Sun, Moon and Venus are also sextiling Uranus, giving the eclipse an Aquarian sensibility.  Also, around the time of the eclipse, Mercury goes direct.  This Capricorn eclipse appears to be quite a gentleman.  He has the power to give us the tools we need to navigate through turbulent times ahead with grace and love.

If you were born within five days of the eclipse, the eclipse will technically be conjuncting your Sun, and it should have some influence.  However, a tighter orb is usually used with eclipses.  Within two degrees you will certainly feel it and should have a very active year.  Any planet in your natal chart that is closely aspected by the eclipse should have some influence, although it is generally believed that the conjunction is the aspect that is really of significance.  Most people will not have planets that occupy the active zone of the eclipse, but nearly everyone will have a midpoint located in this area.  The energy of the midpoint and the general theme of the eclipse should play out in your life over the next year, but it will be layered under and over past and future eclipses.  Most people feel the strongest effects from the eclipse a week before and after the actual event.  Many people feel a sense of urgency or anxiety.  Sometimes, events in our lives or news from the outside world bring about these feelings.  Although still active, the effects of the eclipse will fade as the months pass by.  It will remain a backdrop in your life.  However, as discussed earlier, events can take place when planets contact the active degrees of the eclipse.

It’s important during an eclipse not to succumb to feelings of anxiety and to transcend the negative.  Any negative feelings will only be exacerbated by the eclipse.  The Universe is listening to you closely now, and does not appreciate any whining at this time.  She is looking for inspiration from humanity, and for that you will be rewarded.  This is also a time that you could get what you ask for from the Universe.  Meditate, think about what you want now in your life and the person you want to become.  Make it earnest and noble.  The two weeks after the eclipse are a great time to start new projects.  Financial astrologers state that this is the opportune time to start a business.  In The Textbook For Financial Astrology, Book 3, it states that over half of the Dow 30 have either the South Node or North Node within thirty degrees of the sun in their incorporation or IPO chart.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

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We now rapidly approach a solar eclipse at 25 degrees Capricorn at 2:07 AM EST.  Events that occur now may threaten your sense of identity or your sense of where you are going in life.  Just when things seem to be falling into place, you experience shocks that make you question things you normally take for granted.  Learn from these shocks.  Let the universe communicate with you, and let it be a two-way conversation.  This would be particularly timely now, as Mercury also goes direct today.

Chiron Journeys Through Aquarius VI

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Chiron conjunct Neptune in Aquarius facilitates an awareness of the body, as well as how energy moves within the body.  It relates to alternative health practices, meditation, and yoga – practices that enhance the connections between body and emotions, mind and spirit.

When body, mind, and spirit communicate well, you are more relaxed, healthy, and present.  All of your parts are aligned.  Lack of attention to one puts strain on the other two.  By listening to your body, listening to your mind, and listening to your spirit, you allow them to work together harmoniously.

Chiron Journeys Through Aquarius V

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A useful meditative technique for Chiron in Aquarius is to focus on the present.  Aquarius is more comfortable with the future – creating, planning, and envisioning the future.  However, if your present foundation is shaky, it may not have the strength to support your dreams.  Strengthen your foundation regularly and consciously.  When you take action in the present, you are in fact making an investment for the future.  An action can be mental or physical.  It can be a decision made, an intention set forth, or the physical enactment of these.

Impatience, fear of failure, and a sense of being out of touch with life are possible expressions of Chiron in Aquarius.  There may be a greater predisposition to nervous conditions such as seizures, tics, and aches and pains due to the constriction of energy channels.  Where there is blockage, there is trapped energy.  Self-healing involves the shedding of structures that prevent growth.

Chiron in Aquarius teaches the survival value of patience as a key to manifestation.  Patience allows you to be free from worry, which clears up mind space for constructive activity.  It also allows you to be more aware of your environment.  Accepting the fact that changes take time, you can continue to work diligently without expectation of immediate gain.  Awareness of your environment can allow you to be freer within your environment.

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