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Chiron And Magi Astrology

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It seems the most controversial component of Magi astrology is its emphasis on the planet Chiron.  Although wanting to believe the tenet of Magi Astrology, who would not want to know whom their soul-mate is, or whom will end up being the perfect sexual partner?  Still, it’s a hard pill to swallow.  Chiron (which is the accent of modern Magi astrology) has been around only thirty-two years, a short period of time considering Western astrology has roots spanning thousands of years – not to mention the ancient Aztec, Mayan and Vedic astrologies, which Magi astrologers seem to undervalue.

Chiron has certainly made a name for itself in present day astrology (we here are fans).  However, in interpretation it remains dubious at best.  Chiron, which is the archetype of the wounded healer, never delivers the same message twice.  Favorable transits or progressions to natal Chiron for one person may be a time of shedding old wounds and a time of renewal.  Still, similar transits for another person can be a time of vulnerability, insecurities, and great uncertainty.  It all depends on the nature of the wound and indeed to what degree healing has occured.

Utilizing Chiron to predict outcomes in competitive sporting events seems strange also.  One does not usually equate Chiron with football. Chiron’s message has little to do with competition.  Chiron’s mission is to transcend woundedness and isolation.  No matter if you win or lose, you can become united with others and gain understanding and compassion through loss, just as well as you can through victory.  Chiron is best understood through humility.


Blue Moon Eclipse

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The upcoming full moon in Cancer on December 31 will be both a blue moon and a lunar eclipse.  An eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are on the same plane, known as the ecliptic.  This usually happens twice a year, giving rise to a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse two weeks apart, followed by another pair of eclipses six months later.  This next lunar eclipse, however, will be the fourth one this year.

A lunar eclipse always happens when the moon is full, that is, when the sun and moon are in opposition (180 degrees) in the heavens, with the earth situated between them.  When they are on the same plane, the Earth’s presence blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon as it opposes the sun.  The moon briefly falls under the earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse.

In ancient times, eclipses were feared, as they were thought to be messengers of doom and destruction.  When the sun, earth, and moon are aligned, powerful energy can flow through, as water through a channel.  Any onrush of energy can be experienced as stressful, even if it’s positive energy.  Waves can be delightful, whereas tsunamis can be destructive.

A lunar eclipse may reflect a time of increased sensitivity to your feelings.  It may be a time of discovering hidden potentials.  As the moon passes behind the earth’s shadow, it is no longer able to receive, nor reflect, the sun’s light energy to us.  In the dark, the moon reveals her secrets, as far away from the sun as possible.  We receive the moon’s energy pure and simple:  emotional energy, soul energy, nurturing energy, energy of rhythm and tone, energy of the imagination.

Mercury Retrograde Again?

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Mercury usually goes retrograde three times a year.  However, 2009 is host to four Mercury retrograde periods – January 11 to February 1, May 7-30, September 6-29, and the current one from December 26 to January 15.  This is similar in concept to a blue moon, which is the second full moon in a month, and occurs once every two to three years.  The next blue moon will occur this week, on December 31.

Mercury retrograde can stir up fear in people’s hearts.  It has been blamed for all sorts of communications snafus (misunderstandings, delayed or undelivered mail), and problems with transport (delays, accidents) and commerce/business – areas covered by Mercury.  What is the mechanism behind this?

Mercury retrograde periods are thought to increase the subjectivity of one’s thought process, through heightened inner movement or upheaval of thought contents and memories.  This can result in erratic or idiosyncratic ideas, perceptions, and  communications.  People may be paying less attention to what they are saying or doing.  Or they may literally regress, as when stressed, to a more childish way of being.  Mercury also rules children.

Some people like Mercury retrograde.  It is thought to be good for writers and innovators, and all those who can give form to their unique insights.  The inner volume is turned up, and they can make use of it for the benefit of others.  Some just like a challenge.

The Magi Society

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The Magi Society is the world’s largest association of astrologers to date, with over 5,000 members worldwide and growing.  Magi Astrology is a form of predictive astrology, claiming not only to give you insight and awareness of who you are as a human being (with great accuracy, mind you), but also giving you exacting information for when you should act to achieve optimal results in personal relationships and business.  Magi Astrology appears to specialize in relationships.  Magi Helena states, “Magi Astrology can accurately predict the outcome of any relationship,” helping one find one’s soul mate and also finding a partner that is the most sexually compatible.  Magi Astrology is billed as “the astrology of love, sex, and compatibility.”  On a popular Magi web site, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are said to have Soul-Mate linkage, oops.  But to be fair, other famous couples were said to have similar linkages:  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Hitler and Eva Braun, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn.  Astrology concurs; there is somebody out there for each and every one of us.

The Magi Society is not to be confused with the Magi that visited the baby Jesus, although they, too, were astrologers and purportedly very powerful ones.  The present Magi Society traces its roots to a group of  Shao Lin astrologer monks who started a secret society in China in 1625.  However, present day Magi Astrology really got a jump start and found its voice with the discovery of Chiron in 1977.  Magi Astrology was looking for a missing planet and Chiron was it.  They believe we are now in the Age of Chiron, which came on the heels of the Age of Pluto, having been discovered in 1930.  Chiron is considered the most important planet in the Magi astrological chart.  Basically positive aspects and transits to Chiron, known as the Cinderella aspects, are considered the most beneficial aspects in the chart.  Malefic aspects to Chiron are considered the worst of aspects.  For instance, “Saturn Clashes” lead to heartbreak.  The importance of Chiron is used when interpreting any chart – natal charts, marriage charts, even sports charts (the team with the Cinderella aspect will always win).  You have to wonder what those Chinese monks had to work with 300 years ago before the discovery of Chiron.  Anyway, more on this later.

Mercury Conjuncts the North Node of the Moon

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The Messenger Planet is now conjunct the Moon’s North Node at 21 degrees of Capricorn.  Saturn-ruled Capricorn insists on discipline, form, and structure.  The North Node in your natal chart indicates your path of greatest learning, fulfillment, and growth.  Its position in the sky now indicates the evolutionary path of humanity and the Earth itself.

Saturn/Capricorn works to build things, whether they be buildings, corporations, careers, or relationships.  The energy is constructive and persistent, aimed at steady progress.  Combine this with Mercury’s emphasis on communication, and the North Node’s pointing out our evolutionary path, and the message seems to be one of constructive communication for all.

This involves being able to put yourself in the other’s position, view things from another perspective, see yourself through the eyes of others.  Then you will know what to say or not to say, and how to best make yourself understood.  Speaking another’s emotional language is the key to effective communication.

So, if you don’t have something constructive to say, then consider not saying it at all.  Why bother?  On the other hand, if you have something purposeful to say, then say it!

The Sun Enters Capricorn

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The Sun moved into Capricorn on 12/21/09, Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere.  Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn focuses on career, social standing, and steady, ambitious drive towards a goal.

It is no coincidence that the Sun enters the sign of steady progress on the shortest day of the year.  After this, the days get progressively longer for the following six months, culminating at the Summer solstice.

In the dead of winter, what worthier ambition exists than to find the sun, and to increase the daylight hours?  The Sun’s entrance into Capricorn marks the first step of that process.  The darkest day of the year gives birth to great ambitions.

Juno in Aries

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The Asteroid Juno moved from Pisces, the sign of endings, into Aries, the sign of new beginnings on 12/19/09 at 5:08 PM EST.  In astrology, Juno’s domain is interpersonal relationships, especially the spousal kind, as well as work relationships.

This is not the first time this year that Juno has been in Aries.  Having entered Pisces originally on 4/4/09, Juno went into Aries on 7/2/09, and then went retrograde on 8/9/09.  Retrograde movement led her back into Pisces on 9/14/09, and from there, Juno went direct on 11/3/09.

Juno has now returned to the same place in the heavens as in the beginning of July.  It may be useful to revisit where you were in terms of your relationships back then.  On a symbolic level, you may need to address similar issues.  This includes issues of commitment, loyalty, compromise, separation, and loss.

Retrograde periods are good for assimilating and digesting what has come before, while taking a breather before further action.  If you made a new beginning in your relationship(s) this July, and found you could only go so far, now would be the time to try again!

New Moon in Sagittarius

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It’s that time again – another New Moon – this time at 24 degrees Sagittarius on December 16, 2009 at 7:02 AM EST.  This lunar cycle will start in the sign of the world traveler, the philosopher, the comedian, the inspired one.  Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is now expanding Neptune’s depth of feeling and Chiron’s healing ability, as the three are now in a triple conjunction.  How fitting for the holiday season.

Three is a number of harmony, and is thought to be ruled by Venus.  A circle contains three trines, or 120-degree aspects, which are considered harmonious.  Jupiter brings buoyant energy to Chiron’s pain and Neptune’s imagination.  Then it acts as a neutralizing force.  Suffering is useful up to a point – beyond that, it stunts your growth.  Jupiter wants to grow.

Now would be a good opportunity to consider what qualities, abilities, and talents you’d like to grow in the garden of your soul.

Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius

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Jupiter has caught up to Chiron and Neptune, and is now sandwiched in between them.  They are located at 23, 22, and 24 degrees Aquarius, respectively.  With Mars at 19 degrees Leo, less than a week away from going retrograde, while opposing this triad, don’t be surprised if outer events threaten to rupture your inner equilibrium.

When growth via the usual channels is stunted, this can serve to promote development along other lines, by tuning into different frequencies, and changing it up a bit.  You might need to withdraw from the outer world, which can lead to both a sense of isolation and creative inspiration.  Outer growth yields to inner development.

When Jupiter moves beyond Chiron and Neptune over the next couple of weeks and thereafter, the fruits of the inner journey can be disseminated to the world in the form of teachings, publications, and social institutions.

Pallas Athena in Scorpio

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The Asteroid Pallas Athena left the sign of Libra and entered Scorpio on December 11, 2009.  Due to upcoming retrograde action from March 14, 2010 to June 24, 2010, Pallas will remain in Scorpio until October 7, 2010.  This is significant, as Pallas usually spends only a couple of months in each sign.

Pallas Athena is a strategizer and intellectual warrior.  Her sign and placement in your natal chart can indicate your decision-making style.  In Scorpio, it won’t hurt to pay attention to potential factors below the surface of your awareness before making a solid decision.  Pallas in Scorpio may take a while to decide.  Once the decision is made, there is no going back.  Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs – the others are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius – and fixed can be both determined and stubborn!

Pluto-ruled Scorpio can be obsessive and possessive.  Recognizing these shadow qualities in yourself can be healing.  Instead of projecting them onto others, you can acknowledge negative emotions and transform them within yourself.  Even an eruption of conflict can mark the beginning of lasting healing.

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