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The Sun at 9 Degrees Sagittarius

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Moving at a rate of one degree daily, the Sun has just arrived past 8 degrees of Sagittarius.  In your natal chart, the Sun correlates to your identity, your individuality, your emerging Self, and the person you are evolving into and becoming.  The Sun represents the masculine principle, the father, and in Jungian psychology, the animus – the masculine archetype within a female personality, or a woman’s inner man.  When people ask, “What’s your sign?” they are referring to your Sun sign.

In Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala, the image corresponding to the Sun’s current position is Sagittarius 9 degrees:  “A MOTHER LEADS HER SMALL CHILD STEP BY STEP UP A STEEP STAIRWAY.”  He writes, “The child must first be taught by example, then helped along as he imitates as well as he can the grownup’s behavior.  Climbing stairs is only an illustration of a general process.  Every generation must involve itself in teaching the next even the simplest skills needed for social existence….  What is implied here is SOCIAL CONCERN for the less evolved of society’s members.”

A child is naturally less evolved than an adult in the physical and social sense.  However, some children are more spiritually awake and advanced than their adult counterparts, and some adults are more evolved than other adults.  Rather than getting impatient and angry when someone asks you a “stupid” question, it may be useful to see this person as a child needing your help, and your being in a unique position to help.

Sagittarius bestows a generous and uplifting nature on the Sun, in dedication to the future of humanity.  In a sense, we are all children growing into our future.  You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to see that today’s children are our future selves.  By helping them, you help yourself, and vice versa.  And remember, an adult can also be a child!


Volcanoes On Venus

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Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is hot now, and making significant aspects to Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, and Juno.  That’s a lot of planets!  Both Venus and Juno embody the relating principle, among other things.  Combine this with the current intensity of the Saturn-Pluto square, and eruptions may occur if you don’t watch out.  Picture in your mind’s eye a volcano eruption, the culmination of a long process of progressive heating and turbulent flow, released in powerful surges.

There are many times more volcanoes on Venus than on Earth, and some of them are thought to be active.  In the personal sphere, emotional eruptions can tear apart the fabric of a relationship.  Handled constructively, however, they can provide a catharsis, clearing away the build-up of tension, and allow the relationship to continue on a more secure footing.

Venus Conjunct Ceres

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Venus conjuncted the asteroid/dwarf planet Ceres on 11/22/09 at 12:01 AM EST at 17 degrees and 48 minutes of Scorpio.  Conjunctions mark the beginning of a cycle, just as the conjunction of the Sun and Moon result in a New Moon, the beginning of a lunar cycle.  Venus deals with relationships, art, and aesthetics, and the principles of balance and harmony.  Ceres relates to the nurturing function, both giving and receiving.  In Roman mythology, Ceres is the goddess of fertility, the harvest, and maternal love.  The sign and house location of Ceres in your natal chart can indicate how you best receive nurturing and how you most effectively nurture others.  In Scorpio (and the 8th house), this can take the form of psycho-sexual merging that is intimate and intense.

Venus conjunct Ceres in Scorpio may stimulate an interest in detective stories and psychological thrillers.  There may be an emphasis on angry, disturbing, deeply moving, and transformative music and art.  If art reflects life, be wary of crime.  Whether you are victim, perpetrator, or merely an observer, the rage, frustration, and sense of futility may be shared.  A “successful” attack can leave the victim feeling the pain, rejection, hatred, and sense of failure of the perpetrator.  There is a shared experience of the unfairness of life, of evil on the planet.  From there, the choices include healing, transmutation, and growth, or perpetuating further negativity and violence.  Consciousness alone can have a healing effect.


Vesta In Virgo

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The asteroid Vesta entered Virgo on 11/19/09, having been in Leo since 8/28/09.  Vesta will go retrograde from 1/3/10 – 4/6/10.  She will be back in Leo from 2/15/10 – 5/26/10, when she re-enters Virgo.  Vesta will not enter Libra until 8/9/10.  In Greek and Roman mythology, Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, the sacred flame.  In your natal chart, Vesta describes the type of work you do, how you commit and focus your energy, and the ways you manifest your creative energy, including sexuality.

According to Demetra George and Douglas Bloch in Asteroid Goddesses, “The development of sexual energy traced through the cycle of the signs goes through a critical change from Leo to Virgo.  Leo embodies the instinctive spontaneous expression of the sexual energy as the creative principle through physical or mental children.  It is the impulse of the evolving life entity to reproduce itself.  In Virgo, the reproductive energy of Venus is used spiritually to transform and regenerate the self so that it may become a channel of service and healing.”

Virgo themes include purifying, assimilating, discriminating, and perfecting.  It relates to health practices, care for the body as a temple, and the discipline to work on self while serving others.  Vesta in Virgo emphasizes the practice of self-healing and self-improvement.  Does your work promote healthy living for yourself as well as others?  Examine the fruits of your labors.  Note how you feel while working.  Are all your parts aligned with your inner core?  A well-balanced and persevering approach towards life can open the door to inspiration, creativity, and fun.  There would then be a fine line between work and play.

The Aries Point

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There is a point in astrology known as the Aries Point.  The Aries Point is also known as the vernal equinox.  Ancient Greeks thought that this was the point that marks the beginning of the zodiacal year.  In Uranian astrology, the Aries Point is related to the first degree of all the cardinal signs.  So the first degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all Aries Points.  Each of these points in the zodiac is separated by ninety degrees, forming what some astrologers refer to as the Cardinal Cross.

The Aries Point is the point in astrology where our private lives are connected to what we will be known for in our public lives, our claim to fame.  In your natal chart, planets and midpoints located on your Aries Points signify how others view you in public life or what traits you are most known for.  When planets hit these points, there can be a sense of renewal in your life.  When the sun crosses the Aries Points, or cardinal points, we have equinoxes and solstices, or changing of the seasons.  One astrologer refers to these as points where the spirit incarnates.  When planets hit these points by transit or progression, especially progression, a new season in your life may be ushered in.  The coloring of the season or time in your life will be dependent on which planets are contacting your Aries Points.  For instance, if Jupiter hits one of these points, maybe you will be noted for your joviality, or if Mars, your courage, and so on.

Saturn/Pluto Creating New Behavior

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Astrologers seldom talk about the energies of Saturn and Pluto being anything other than a malefic force.  These energies however if handled properly , have the possibility of creating great good in your life,  all be it, through a process that is exacting,  precise and rigorously disciplined.  Think of a brain surgeon or the process of creating nuclear fusion.  When changes take place in your life through a Saturn and Pluto interaction, the changes may be unsentimental, but get down to business.  Saturn and Pluto get down to business, like no other planetary pair.

Saturn represents all of the structures we have created in our lives.  It represents our sense of reality, what we have brought into form.  Traditionally Saturn is associated with self responsibility, tradition, career,  it  represents the energies of the midheaven.  One astrologer calls Saturn the taskmaster . Working on a task until it is mastered.   Art through artifice.  Pluto represents our personal power,  our ability to transform ourselves.  Think of Madonna, ( just kidding).   Pluto represents the concept of renewal and rebirth in our lives.  In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin tells us that Saturn Pluto energies create tenacity and toughness, endurance, the capability to make record efforts of the highest possible order, the ability to perform the most difficult work with extreme self discipline.

Saturn gives us the ability to see the reality of our lives, and Pluto gives us the power to change things.  If you harness the power of these two planets it can give you tremendous power to structure your life and help you achieve life goals you have set for yourself.  This is a time when the task master is on steroids. Given the principle of the Saturn/ Pluto concept, changes that you institute in your life now can be extremely effective, have a degree of permanence, and create a precedence for new behavior. Since Saturn is in the equation, this  is a time when you are held responsible for your actions, and a time of taking responsibility for the fact, that it is you, that has  created the structures that at present shapes  your life  . Pluto gives you the power to look at these old structure, weed out dysfunction and create new patterns of behavior.

Water on the Moon

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In the last two months, scientists have found conclusive evidence that there is water on the moon.  In astrology, the Moon rules Cancer, a water sign that deals with home, nurturing, and being nurtured.  The Moon describes our personal likes and dislikes, deep-rooted feelings and instincts, and the types of relationships we form.  It provides a window into the parts of us that are known only by family, close friends, and ourselves.  The Moon also correlates to the mother.

The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, ruled by the Moon, Pluto, and Neptune, respectively.  Water describes the qualities of emotions – personal, interpersonal, and collective.  In Cancer dwells the individual, Scorpio merges with the “other,” and Pisces is one with Everything.

Where there is water, there is life.  New life requires nurturing.  Wise and judicious use of the moon’s resources allows her to give to us in ways that increase our chances of survival and growth.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius

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On 11/15/09 at 7:27 PM EST, Mercury changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius, where it will remain until 12/5/09. Named after the Roman messenger god, Mercury relates to the mental functions of thought and perception.  In Scorpio, Mercury tends towards the investigative mind, one that delves beneath the surface of things, and may involve power struggles.  Now Mercury in Sagittarius can breathe a sigh of relief.  The mind can begin its long-distance journeys, broadening horizons, and expanding possibilities.

Philosophy, higher education, foreign travel, and humor fall under the domain of Sagittarius.  Depending on our attitude, these activities can either enlighten us or serve as an escape.  We have all heard of the professional student, the ungrounded philosopher, the vagabond traveler, the sitcom junkie.  We can glimpse parts of ourselves in these extremes.  When an activity is used as a vehicle of escape, it freezes our lives.  Although there may be movement, little progress is possible until we return to ourselves.

On the other hand, seeing things from a larger perspective can be useful if a problem exists that resists solution by ordinary means.  Going away on vacation can remove us from the daily rut, letting us see our situation through fresh eyes.  A constructive form of escape allows us to work things out so that we may return to our lives with a renewed perspective.

Scorpio New Moon

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The New Moon will occur on Monday 11/16/09 at 2:14 PM EST at 24 degrees of Scorpio.  With the recent emphasis on Pluto, which rules Scorpio, this has the potential to be a particularly strong one.  In astrology, the cycles of the Moon correlate to our emotional and energetic fluctuations, waxing the first two weeks before reaching culmination, and then waning the latter two weeks.

The New Moon period is a good time for planting new seeds for the upcoming cycle.  The few days prior to the New Moon are good for tying up loose ends, finishing projects, and meditating.  This creates the space for new events, goals, and wishes.  It is a good time to figure out what worked during the last month and what didn’t work, so as to carry forth the fruits of the cycle while leaving behind the refuse.

Scorpio themes include death, regeneration, recycling, and rebirth.  However, for a rebirth to occur, there must be a death of old forms.  Renewal can only come after the baggage from the past is relinquished.  We often fear death because we fear loss and the unknown.  This Scorpio New Moon arrives at an opportune moment, just after the Saturn-Pluto square.  This reinforces our need to let go of destructive emotional habits and mental tics, which may be remnants of old survival instincts.  Although anger, jealousy, and greed have their place and reason for existence, they are often reactive and instinctual expressions of a psyche functioning on auto-pilot.  Perhaps we can align ourselves with the energy of the Scorpio New Moon to help us transform, recycle, and eliminate those primitive and primal emotions that keep us feeling stuck and out of control.  Then we can await rebirth.

Heading Towards The Omega Point

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In Frank J. Tipler’s book, The Physics of Immortality, he postulates that there is a theory in physics known as the Omega Point.  It generally states that the Universe is heading towards a state of benevolence, or pure goodness.  The Omega Point is a future state of the Universe where life exists and develops forever.  The ultimate fate of the universe, the Omega Point, is a place where science and religion meet.  Tipler identifies the Omega Point as being the Judeo-Christian God, particularly as described by Christian theological tradition.  The Omega Point is the natural state of the Universe, ultimately.

Lisa Rene, on her website, Galactic Friends, tells us that a person who aspires to achieve goodness in the world will sometimes need correcting.  If you are not aligned to what the Universe wants you to do, and you do not take action, the Universe will do it for you.  If you are engaged in any destructive or unconscious behavior, you will be corrected.

When we experience Pluto midpoints or transits, they can break down old structures, and replace them with new ones.  This is particularly true of what Saturn-Pluto transits do.  You are being realigned or corrected.  So don’t be afraid of the Saturn-Pluto transits.  If you are moving in the right direction, you will be just fine.  Maybe you need some fine-tuning sometimes – something needs to be pointed out to you.  That is just growth.  You are heading towards the Omega Point.

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